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With our own capital of $4,000 we founded the transportation company EF Izgrev. Initially it had two trucks and the main line of business was transporting PEPSI products.
Tsvetri, Ltd. is founded – a fully licensed transportation company, which has been operating under the same brand since inception. Initially the fleet consisted of 2 high-volume vehicles, type “Jumbo”, and eventually grew to 4 high-volume tractor-trailers (100m3 – 121m3) and 3 standard ones (94m3 each).
Acquired a 4,700 m2 industrial site – 700 m2 of gross building area (warehouse) and 4,000 m2 of parking space. Since 1998 it has served as the headquarters of our operations.
Rapid growth of Tsvetri, Ltd. thanks to numerous lucrative subcontractor partnerships with IKEA, Kodak, Kaufland, Billa, Heute, and others.
Tsvetri, Ltd. has expanded its fleet more than 600% and has grown its initial capital (compared to the 1996 figures) more than 4,000%.
Tetralog, Ltd. is founded – it specializes in transporting lightweight cargo of high-tech and household nature.
Tetralog, Ltd. obtains a license to operate within the European Union and becomes a member of the International Road Transportation Union. (IRU)
Tetralog owns a fleet of 5 vehicle, which cover the range from 11 to 94 m3, warehouse, hydraulic lifting equipment and a network of partners in the industrial sector.
Tetralog, Ltd. and Tsvetri, Ltd. offer a comprehensive service, which covers the highest standards of quality.