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We, the Tetralog team strive to provide our clients with a wide array of fast, reliable, and secure international moving services. Our goals are to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by consistently offering high quality service at reasonable price, as well as to give them the peace of mind that they have entrusted their valuables to experienced professionals. By employing stringent standards for internal quality control, we are able to ensure higher safety levels for your belongings, faster delivery, affordable prices (where you only pay for what you actually need), and assistance throughout every step of the process – from preparation to unpacking.

We are able to offer the service “International Moving” for the following:

  • Moving your whole office, including documents and equipment
  • Fully confidential with utmost attention to details
  • No restrictions on weight and volume
  • Carrier insurance is included
  • Cargo is transported by a fully licensed vehicle
  • HOME
  • Comprehensive moving service for your home
  • No restrictions on weight and volume.
  • Carrier insurance is included.
  • Cargo is transported by a fully licensed vehicle.
  • Fully confidential with utmost attention to details

  • Relocation of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, stores
  • No restrictions on weight and volume
  • Carrier insurance is included
  • Cargo is transported by a fully licensed vehicle
  • Sealed cargo compartment

  • Transportation of shipments of private or industrial nature from 0.1m3 to 121m3 or from 1kg to 22,000kg
  • Loading from an address specified by the client or from mutually agreed upon facility
  • Carrier insurance is included
  • Cargo is transported by a fully licensed vehicle
  • Comprehensive moving service for your home, office, or business
  • No restrictions on weight and volume
  • Performed with the optimal set of vehicles
  • The loading, transpiration, and unloading process entirely coordinated by Tetralog.
  • Carrier insurance is included
  • Packing, palletizing, labeling + equipment for loading and unloading
  • Sealing of cargo compartments
  • Cargo is transported by a fully licensed vehicle
  • When the loading and unloading facilities are both outside of the territory of Bulgaria
  • Comprehensive moving service for your:
      - Home
      - Office
      - Business
  • No restrictions on weight and volume
  • Carrier insurance is included
  • Cargo is transported by a fully licensed vehicle
  • Loading and/or unloading
  • Loading and/or unloading at a specified time
  • Packaging, labels, and palletizing
  • Storing cargo in our own warehouse if needed to accommodate your time schedule
  • Video recording of the different processes
  • GPS tracking
  • Express delivery – 24 to 40 hours from departure from the loading facility
  • Vehicles suitable for urban delivery
  • Hydraulic lifting equipment
  • Sealing of the freight trailer


    One of the services we provide is international transport of personal belongings and luggage, transport of bicycles, small and major home appliances, consumer electronics, motorcycles, and more. In order to increase efficiency and decrease cost, the client can choose the option of storing items in our storage facilities and then transporting everything as one large shipment. For optimal convenience, we offer the service in several forms:
  • From our warehouse (Pazardzhik) to a location abroad, specified by the client
  • From a location abroad, specified by the client, to our warehouse (Pazardzhik)

  • From a location specified by the client (within the territory of Bulgaria) to a destination abroad, chosen by the client
  • From a location (abroad) chosen by the client to a location within the territory of Bulgaria
  • In addition, we can offer packing, loading, unloading, and express delivery.


    Tetralog. Ltd. specializes in express transportation of shipments to and from Bulgaria. Our main focus is on providing our clients with fast and reliable logistic services and exercising utmost care and employing the highest standards while handling their cargo. If our experience in the past 20 years has taught is anything, it is that users of express transportation services do not want empty promises, they want guaranties. That is exactly why we can guaranty:
  • Delivery within 24 to 40 hours inside the territory of the EU
  • Continuous updates on the location of the vehicle

  • Reliable system for delivery control
  • Strong attention to properly securing the cargo for maximum protection of your goods and/or luggage


    Due to the high frequency of jobs we undertake, we are able to offer our corporate clients the “Groupage Line” service. Maximizing the vehicle utilization allows us to transfer the savings to our customers, thus, providing them with the most cost-efficient way for transporting their cargo. The Gourpage Line service is available along the following route:
    Bulgaria Hungary Austria Slovakia  Czech Republic Germany
    Loading the cargo for international transportation could be achieved in two ways:
  • collecting the shipment from a location specified by the client with our own vehicle.

  • the client delivers the shipment to our warehouse in Pazardzhik


    When dealing with such a unique type of cargo, it is best to hire proven professionals with substantial amount of experience under their belt.
  • We offer specialized vehicles, which have been modified to handle unusual shipments of that nature and meet the requirements for entering the ECO zones and the central areas of cities in Western Europe.
  • We offer a wide array of packing supplies
  • Highly trained employees who understand the unique requirements and the responsibility associated with the transportation of those types of shipments
  • Mobile hydraulic lifting equipment
  • Carrier insurance with a high coverage amount for a worry-free experience
  • Take advantage of the add-on service “Mobile Warehouse”, where the vehicle waits until the end of the event (exhibition, fair, concert) and transports the cargo back to the original loading location.


    Most of the vehicles of Tetralog Ltd. are equiped with tale lifts and pump trucks. which allows mobility of the loading and unloading process, even on places where is no fork-lift or ramp. Even that for industrial goods this is very useful for loading/unloading motorcycles and high-volume / heavy furniture and equipment.
  • Van 365 х 170 х 215 сm – 5 Euro-pallet slots – 13 m3
  • Box Van 485 х 220 х 230 сm – 10 Euro-pallet slots – 24,5 m3
  • Box Truck 615 х 245 х 255 cm – 15 Euro-pallet slots – 38,5 m3